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Sep 04
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Some of y’all know I moved to Salzburg Austria like a year ago. I have slowly started to enjoy climbing. It still hurts like a bitch, but …I love it. There is just no other option here. Last weekend my riding pal Boban and I decided to drive about 4.5 hours south into Italy to [...]

Feb 12
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Instagram is quickly becoming a fresh new view into the lives of our favorite Pro Cyclists. After hours and hours of scavenging Instagram – here is a list of all of the Pro Cyclists I could find! Just click on their names and you will be able to Follow on Instagram! If there are any [...]

Feb 02
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The folks over at Williams Racing Academy put together this great list of The Top 5 Ways To Lose A Race! 5. Show up with a bike that needs maintenance or repair. Doing the training, reading the race, timing it all right…can all be taken away with a prevented flat, a bike that won’t shift [...]

Jan 23
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From Italian Euro-Trash to British Chav wannabes – people around the world consistently get crappy tattoos. I believe the International Pro Peleton proves this.

Jan 21
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New killer mix featuring some SICK ASS TRAP MUSIC and Bradley Wiggins and Crew!

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