While riding outside of Lucca in Tuscany with my good friend Mario, we began discussing our intricate taste in music. Mario, like myself, enjoys loud-ass EuroBeats. We both soon realized that typical mixes couldn’t keep up with our training pace and often left us a bit bewildered when we would arrive in Ibiza not knowing the latest and greatest EuroBeats.

After that ride Mario and I sat down and put together a 2 hour mix of our favorite tracks at the moment. We used it, along with large amounts of pornography, for motivation while training. Eventually Mario went on to become one of the most acclaimed cyclists of the 20th century.

I have kept up the tradition and present to you VeloBeats.


John Braynard: Born and raised in South Carolina, John didn’t begin cycling until the age of 22. Other then cycling he enjoys fine foods, european fashion, skiing in the alps, and dance parties.

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