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The folks over at Williams Racing Academy put together this great list of The Top 5 Ways To Lose A Race!

5. Show up with a bike that needs maintenance or repair. Doing the training, reading the race, timing it all right…can all be taken away with a prevented flat, a bike that won’t shift properly, a loose bolt…however, that clickclickclick or tickticktick or squeaksqueaksqueak can irritate the competition.

Cancellera Popin' dat chain!

Cancellera Popin’ dat chain!

4. Cramming for the exam. Is it a hilly race this weekend? Not been doing hills? Going to get a few in on Thursday so you are ready for the weekend is not the same thing as riding hills to get ready for the race. It is ambitious that though you knew it was a hilly race since the schedule was announced, you thought you could master it by not doing it until the days before an event. Other areas it doesn’t work so well—medical school and engineering.

Don't worry - you can always just walk your bike up the hills!

Don’t worry – you can always just walk your bike up the hills!

3. Making weight. You might have had the goal of getting to race weight by a certain race, but the time to do that isn’t in the days leading to an event. “The” diet for you that will solve all of your problems and transform your ability as a cyclist won’t get you there in the few days or even week before an event. Being hungry to compete is not the same thing as being hungry. Anyway, bonking in a 60min crit is just lame.

last minute weight loss...never works

last minute weight loss…never works

2. Advanced salute for second place. As much as you’d love to show the world you won the race, don’t post up that victory salute if there is a remote chance someone could catch you. There is something special about rolling across the line with your hands in the air, but 10 of those pictures on your mantle and desk can’t make up for that one of you saluting but getting beaten by the guy who didn’t quit. But it is a good way to photobomb someone.

1. Leroy Jenkins. No semblance of a plan or preparation and just launching from “go” is a good way to lose a race. But it also works to win the race sometimes, which is why it is the best way to lose a race.



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