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Jan 23
Published by johnb In Blog 3 Comments

From Italian Euro-Trash to British Chav wannabes – people around the world consistently get crappy tattoos. I believe the International Pro Peleton proves this.

Jan 17
Published by Andrew Steele In Blog No Comments

Q: I just saw some pictures of Bettini in his white World Champion kit and it looked awesome. Can I rock the white threads? Is it like my white linen suit and Labor Day?

Jan 15
Published by Pierce Schmerge In Blog 1 Comment

Winning or losing a sprint is a lot like eating a baconator. There is a certain wild anticipation that precedes both events that really can’t be explained by words. For some it is about controlling the fear, maybe even the panic, and certainly the adrenaline rush. For others there is a natural rhythm that is [...]

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