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Nov 05
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Recently, I took the amazing David Robinson to some of my favorite riding areas here in Salzburg Austria for a late Fall photo session. Salzburg and the surrounding area is one of the greatest places for cycling on the planet. Right at the start of the alps with multiple rivers conjoining – you have a [...]

Sep 19
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After a little persuasion, my bike pal and I decided to hit up Italy again one last time before the high passes were too cold and covered in snow. Also, on Friday the Giro d’Italia announced that the second to last stage would finish on top of the infamous Mount Zoncolan. Original Plan: Drive down [...]

Sep 04
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Some of y’all know I moved to Salzburg Austria like a year ago. I have slowly started to enjoy climbing. It still hurts like a bitch, but …I love it. There is just no other option here. Last weekend my riding pal Boban and I decided to drive about 4.5 hours south into Italy to [...]

Feb 12
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Instagram is quickly becoming a fresh new view into the lives of our favorite Pro Cyclists. After hours and hours of scavenging Instagram – here is a list of all of the Pro Cyclists I could find! Just click on their names and you will be able to Follow on Instagram! If there are any [...]

Feb 02
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The folks over at Williams Racing Academy put together this great list of The Top 5 Ways To Lose A Race! 5. Show up with a bike that needs maintenance or repair. Doing the training, reading the race, timing it all right…can all be taken away with a prevented flat, a bike that won’t shift [...]

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